2-Day Student Self Leadership supported by Blanchard Institute


This highly interactive program gives students an introduction to personal skills, including: overcoming obstacles and taking responsibility; communicating better with parents, teachers, and peers; asking for specific help before it’s too late, and working through the different learning stages instead of giving up. Additionally, student take part in rock climbing and are encouraged to use the language of proving the appropriate amount of support and direction when leading others or asking for what they need when leading self.

When possible, the two-day sessions present other skills to develop: utilizing and developing your natural power for the benefit of all, discerning what motivates you, setting specific goals and holding yourself accountable, using a systematic way to solve problems, and negotiating appropriately for more freedom.


Once – sometimes twice – a year, the Ken Blanchard Companies offers staff members’ children (including friends and other student family members) to attend, at no charge, the opportunity to attend a one-day (sometimes two-day)  Introduction to Student Self Leadership training at Blanchard headquarters.