“Leading at a Higher Level” in Education

Leading at a Higher Level

The Event

SAN BERNARDINO (April 21, 2017) – Ken Blanchard spoke to over 50 Superintendents and Community Leaders on “Leading at a Higher Level” in Education, bringing world-class leadership to schools. The event was sponsored by California Schools Risk Management (CSRM) and hosted by the County Superintendent of Schools, Ted Alejandre. Blanchard Institute has partnered with CSRM to improve San Bernardino’s status as one of the lowest ranking counties in California in education and per capita income.

Blanchard Institute is working with 25,000 students in 54 Schools in the High Desert and has trained 160 principals and school leaders on how to inspire their staff and teachers; how to connect and train students with life skills and how to break the cycle of poverty and victimhood by teaching them to make responsible choices.

“Educators have the most important job of anyone in society. It is my life’s mission to help develop leaders that influence our future. Our partnership with California Schools Risk Management provides world-class training to school leaders in the Inland Empire while building resiliency in students,”said Ken Blanchard, co-founder, Blanchard Institute.
Blanchard and CSRM, serving the Inland Empire with a path for long-term student development of 21st Century Leaders.


About California Schools Risk Management

California Schools Risk Management (CSRM) is California’s longest established joint powers authority. The CS Risk Management JPA is a not-for-profit organization where public schools share and manage their risk exposures. CSRM provides insurance programs and risk management services for school districts and community college districts. CSRM, also, provides support to member districts training and loss prevention support to lower risk and create a safer school environment.

Laurels for Leaders teams up with Blanchard Institute for ASB Leader training

About the Event and Training

The Washington-Lincoln Laurels for Leaders luncheon is held in February each year around the time of the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The program provides an opportunity to offer encouragement and recognition for the accomplishments of young people who serve in leadership roles in our schools. A community leader brings to the honorees a message of patriotism, leadership, and service. Laurels for Leaders of San Diego and the Blanchard Institute (Escondido, CA) provided an instructor-led Leadership learning experience to all ASB Leaders. The students received an Introduction to Student Self Leadership that exposed them to similar skills, training and disciplines received by many Fortune 500 Managers, including: setting and achieving goals, assumed constraints, problem solving, and understanding individual development levels and leadership styles for increased communication. Further collaboration between the two non-profits and the Kiwanis Club of San Diego is planned in for the coming school year.

About Laurels for Leaders

Washington-Lincoln Laurels for Leaders was established in 1957, initiated by the late Dr. Frank Lowe, then President of the San Diego Board of Education, to honor and recognize achievements of ASB president of San Diego County’s high schools. The program was eventually taken over by a committee of the San Diego Kiwanis Club. The young men and women to be honored are guests of program sponsors who are leaders of all sections of community life throughout the county: business, industry, religion, education, government, military and service organizations. Corporate sponsors are also major contributors. It is through the contributions of these sponsors that the luncheon and presentations to the students are made possible.

The First Tee and Blanchard Institute partner for Life Skills and Leadership Academy for Youth Golfers and Coaches


Ernie Wright started Pro Kids so students would have the opportunity to learn to lead their own life to success, and have a positive impact on peers and ultimately their community. The staff at Pro Kids believes in students’ ability to take responsibility for their learning, that students be committed to building self-leadership skills, and that they are investing in their futures as a positive force in the world.

In July 2014 participants of The First Tee were selected to attend the Life Skills and Leadership Academy, where they played championship golf, participated in life skills activities and career exploration, experienced dorm living and met a wide variety of young people from around the world. The overall purpose of the Academy is to provide participants with valuable character education and leadership instruction.

As Kathy Wilder (Chief Operating Officer—San Diego Chapters) said in her introduction of Student Self-Leadership to students: 

“Taking the reins of your own life requires a commitment to understanding yourself. Using the Blanchard Institute’s SLII® model you will explore your areas of strength and areas for improvement. The model will give you a practical guide to understanding your level of competence and commitment for every aspect of your life whether it be school or home. I encourage you to talk to your family members, teachers and friends about your work in leadership. Seek support, guidance, and encouragement from those who know you best. This journey can be exciting and challenging. We are all here to support you.”


After introducing the concepts of SLII® to the educators and staff, we shared the connection their mission and program has to the objectives of the Student Self Leadership program. Faculty members at both locations then led students through the program and saw the value to sharing it with a larger audience.

We were then invited to participate in The First Tee’s summer program for student leaders from across the country. We began by introducing the concepts and process of SSL to the life and golf coaches/mentors and returned two days later to facilitate a student-and-coach learning activity on the golf course.

Since then we have created a customized training and workbook for the First Tee—”The Front Nine” modules are currently being implemented and we are looking forward to developing “The Back Nine” with more advanced life skills for students.

2-Day Student Self Leadership supported by Blanchard Institute


This highly interactive program gives students an introduction to personal skills, including: overcoming obstacles and taking responsibility; communicating better with parents, teachers, and peers; asking for specific help before it’s too late, and working through the different learning stages instead of giving up. Additionally, student take part in rock climbing and are encouraged to use the language of proving the appropriate amount of support and direction when leading others or asking for what they need when leading self.

When possible, the two-day sessions present other skills to develop: utilizing and developing your natural power for the benefit of all, discerning what motivates you, setting specific goals and holding yourself accountable, using a systematic way to solve problems, and negotiating appropriately for more freedom.


Once – sometimes twice – a year, the Ken Blanchard Companies offers staff members’ children (including friends and other student family members) to attend, at no charge, the opportunity to attend a one-day (sometimes two-day)  Introduction to Student Self Leadership training at Blanchard headquarters.