“Leading at a Higher Level” in Education

Leading at a Higher Level

The Event

SAN BERNARDINO (April 21, 2017) – Ken Blanchard spoke to over 50 Superintendents and Community Leaders on “Leading at a Higher Level” in Education, bringing world-class leadership to schools. The event was sponsored by California Schools Risk Management (CSRM) and hosted by the County Superintendent of Schools, Ted Alejandre. Blanchard Institute has partnered with CSRM to improve San Bernardino’s status as one of the lowest ranking counties in California in education and per capita income.

Blanchard Institute is working with 25,000 students in 54 Schools in the High Desert and has trained 160 principals and school leaders on how to inspire their staff and teachers; how to connect and train students with life skills and how to break the cycle of poverty and victimhood by teaching them to make responsible choices.

“Educators have the most important job of anyone in society. It is my life’s mission to help develop leaders that influence our future. Our partnership with California Schools Risk Management provides world-class training to school leaders in the Inland Empire while building resiliency in students,”said Ken Blanchard, co-founder, Blanchard Institute.
Blanchard and CSRM, serving the Inland Empire with a path for long-term student development of 21st Century Leaders.


About California Schools Risk Management

California Schools Risk Management (CSRM) is California’s longest established joint powers authority. The CS Risk Management JPA is a not-for-profit organization where public schools share and manage their risk exposures. CSRM provides insurance programs and risk management services for school districts and community college districts. CSRM, also, provides support to member districts training and loss prevention support to lower risk and create a safer school environment.