Imagine students who are proactive, accountable and know how to get what they need to achieve their goals. Imagine students who are self-confident, know their strengths and are able to overcome barriers. Imagine our youth becoming competent leaders. We believe that when students learn to lead themselves, they are more successful and fulfilled in school, at work and in life.

All of our programs are based on the leadership concepts developed by Ken and Margie Blanchard. Leaders, managers and employees worldwide have been trained in SLII, the most-taught leadership model in the world. Now students have the opportunity to learn the same time-tested, real-life leadership skills at an early age.

Student Self Leadership Virtual Camp! Register Your Student Now!

Looking for a meaningful virtual summer camp experience for your middle school or high school student? We have what you are looking for. Student Self Leadership Camp teaches the mindset and skillset of successful self leaders. Students learn to challenge negative thinking, set goals, take initiative, ask for what they need, listen to others, share information and communicate effectively with parents, teachers, coaches and employers. Through fun activities we teach important skills to help students navigate life’s inevitable challenges.

Your student can attend Student Self Leadership Camp virtually, using Zoom. You register your student and we will do the rest. We’ll send instructions and course materials electronically. Your student will attend for one hour per day for five days in either June or July. The camp is interactive, fun and educational and the self leadership skills learned will benefit your student for the rest of their lives. The tools students receive will be useful in their school careers and first jobs. A certificate of completion is awarded to all students who complete the camp. Blanchard Institute certificates impress teachers and employers as well as college admissions administrators.

For further details see the camp flyer: Blanchard Institute Student Self Leadership Virtual Camp Flyer

The number of students in each camp is limited for maximum engagement, so don’t delay registering your student. Register here:

Student Self Leadership Virtual Program- Now Available!

Middle School and High School students can learn the mindsets and skillsets of successful self leaders virtually through Blanchard Institute’s virtual Student Self Leadership program. In five one-hour engaging sessions students learn key concepts, practice new skills and have fun connecting with other students.

Virtual facilitation materials are available through Blanchard’s online facilitator portal. There, teachers and facilitators will find everything they need to offer Student Self Leadership on their appropriate student virtual training platforms.

Virtual SSL Program Overview

Student Self Leadership 6-Hour Program

The five-module program is designed to be taught face-to-face to middle school and high school students. Program length is six hours, including 30 minutes for lunch and one 15-minute break. The program is available to facilitators through Blanchard’s online learning portal.

No training for trainers is required. Facilitators are supported by PowerPoint slides that include facilitator notes and embedded videos, detailed activity instructions and student worksheets.

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Student Self Leadership 6-Hour Program Overview

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Student Self Leadership – Complete Course

The nine-module, complete course is intended for middle school or high school students. This course is robust, flexible and modularized so it can be customized to fit your needs. It can be taught over a quarter, a semester, a year or modified to teach over a weekend. The course is available to facilitators through Blanchard’s online learning portal.

No training for trainers is required. Teachers and facilitators learn to facilitate the course by accessing all of the videos, lesson plans and handouts through Blanchard’s online learning portal. These items can then be used to teach students.

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Student Self Leadership Complete Course Overview

Student Self Leadership – Hardcopy Facilitator Guide and Student Workbooks

Hardcopy facilitator guides and student workbooks are available for nine-module courses for middle, high school and college students. The nine modules can be taught as one module per month to fit traditional school calendars, taught in consecutive days, or split into sections as needed. Modules range from two to six hours in length, depending upon activity choices.

These courses teach the SLII model along with skills such as making connections with others, setting goals, collaborating with others, activating points of power and defining a personal mission statement.

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Student Self Leadership College Overview

Student Self Leadership- Hardcopy Learning Objectives and Benefits


Need support to successfully launch your Student Self Leadership program? Blanchard Institute can help!

Some facilitators want an opportunity to learn and practice the program before delivering to students. Other facilitators don’t have time to deliver the program themselves but want their students to become self leaders. Often facilitators request consulting to guide them as they implement our online programs.

Our services support facilitators, schools or nonprofit organizations with whatever they need to transform students into self leaders.

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Training Delivery

We have qualified facilitators who can teach our programs to your students.

Training for Trainers

If needed, we instruct and guide teachers and facilitators to conduct our programs and courses. We offer public, private and customized Training for Trainers options.


We can consult with you to solidify your understanding of program content or to help you develop an effective implementation plan.

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