Blanchard Institute Collaboration Agreement 

For Participants of Student Self Leadership for Champions 

Is this truly zero cost? 

Yes! Blanchard/Blanchard Institute is thrilled to offer access to this program at zero cost to you. We’re able to do this because Blanchard and numerous authors have generously donated their highest level of content and intellectual properties to students and the adults who influence students.  With this freedom comes guidelines, a responsibility, and honor for everyone involved to use this material in the spirit and form intended by Blanchard and their authors so that it remains at zero cost.  


What does intellectual property mean and what am I permitted to do with the materials? 

Intellectual property means that Blanchard/Blanchard Institute owns the materials you’re using. This ownership is established under copyright laws, secured, and protected under United States intellectual property and copyright law. While you have the freedom to use the materials in your home indefinitely, you may not share, forward, copy, modify, change, or alter the content in any way without the written consent of Blanchard. Contact Blanchard Institute anytime with questions about special permission.  


What responsibility and honor do I have regarding this zero cost program? 

We want to ensure that this course is provided by Blanchard and Blanchard Institute at zero cost for everyone in the world. This is why we do not permit users to charge, sell, profit financially or in any way from its offerings. Contact us anytime with questions about special permission. Just send your friends and others to Blanchard and we’ll provide the same, zero cost program to them. We request your assistance in ensuring our intellectual property is being used appropriately. Should you come across any instances of unauthorized or inappropriate usage, we ask you to bring it to our attention.  


Can I use this program to train others? 

We would love to have facilitators around the world volunteer their time to facilitate either virtual or in-person  INSPIRE sessions for students taking the Student Self Leadership Collaborative Online. We provide the registration page, course materials, facilitator PPTs and notes, and outgoing communication to students. You provide the facilitator and producer, if hosting virtually.  Although you would not be able to profit financially or in any other way, you should feel the great satisfaction of providing self leadership skills that prepare students for life’s inevitable challenges. The adult courses are led by Blanchard facilitators and are currently not available for others to facilitate.  


What about Data Privacy? 

To foster a secure environment, we ask you to commit to safeguarding the personal privacy information of other users, treating their data with the highest level of confidentiality and respect.  

Thank You!

We’re grateful to be working with you to eliminate the barrier of cost so that all students and the adults who influence them can access our programs through Blanchard Institute.