Changing our world, one leader at a time

Our impact is undeniable—and our program participants are living proof. Explore the inspiring takeaways from students and champions who were positively influenced by Student Self Leadership.

John — Parent

“This class works! It made an impact on how my 15-year-old son observes situations and thinks about the future and college. He talks about his powers of influence—and I’m thankful that he took this program.”

Mishella — Student Age 17

“I feel more confident knowing that I can be a leader. If I’m doing a group project, I can take over because I know how to set goals and how to get stuff done on time. Before I joined this class, I was behind in school, and now, I’m all caught up, and I feel much better about myself knowing that I can apply all this in the real world when it comes to college. I just love that feeling.”

Jennifer — Student Age 16

“My biggest takeaway was that nobody is going to be proactive or take the initiative for you, and you can’t just keep pushing it off to the side because then it will never get done. And life goes by too fast for that. It has to be done now.”

Heather — Student Age 14

“It’s important to know yourself and to take responsibility for your growth. Setting clear goals, asking for help, and knowing where you’re at currently with your motivation are all things that are personal responsibilities that we have to take.”

Bruce — Student Age 18

“So long as we have a clear goal, and we set our minds to doing it, we can achieve said goal.”

Peter — Student Age 15

“We first have to figure out our goal, but once we do that, we need to figure out where we are and where we’ve got to go. As long as we figure out if we can do it, then we do it. There’s no stopping us.”

Dallal — Student Age 17

“It’s all in your mind. So, a positive growth mindset is the key that can take you to achieve your potential to be your best self.” 

Maria — Student Age 15

“A lot of times, even if you think you’re never going to be able to get better or develop more on a certain skill, most of the time you do have the potential. You just need to set a goal to build up that skill, learn your constraints and understand them, and you need to keep up that motivation.” 

Patrick — Student Age 14

“Don’t look at what others think of you, just pay attention to yourself and look and see what you can do. There’s gonna be people out there who just spit negative stuff at you, and they’re trying to bring you down, so they can make themselves feel better. Don’t pay attention to those people.”