Celebrating 20+ Years of Meaningful Impact 

We are so proud of what we have accomplished through our Student Self Leadership programs in the last two decades. We’re determined to continue expanding our impact in the years to come.

​30 countries | 6 continents
Thousands of students impacted by our programs

Our Goal

Blanchard Institute has set a ​​goal to give 100,000 students the opportunity to change their lives through our courses every year—and we need your help to get there!

Your support is what enables us to transform our vision into action so that we can create a world where every young person can become a self-reliant leader. Discover how you can uniquely contribute to our effort and help us achieve our goal today​.​​

Support our cause, your way

Want to get involved but not sure how to get started? ​Learn more about​ becoming a regional or global amplifier, ​​ambassador, or donor​.​​

Be an Amplifier

  • Encourage the students and adult champions in your life to enroll in Student Self Leadership
  • Remind graduates to promote Student Self Leadership to their peers
  • Follow us on social media and share infomation about our programs on your own​ channels​​
  • Share information about how to be​come​ an amplifier, ambassador, or donor on your social media​ channels​

Be an Ambassador

  • Assemble a group of students or champions to participate in Student Self Leadership together​
  • Offer incentives for the people you lead to join our program
  • Participate in our blended delivery solution: Your students complete self-study work on our online site and then attend weekly in-person sessions
  • Preorder Student Self Leadership DIY so that you can personally facilitate our life-changing program for the students you lead

Be a Donor

  • Give a single donation
  • Establish a recurring monthly or yearly contribution
  • Contribute directly to our program fund
  • Support our scholarship fund with a direct donation
  • Organize a group fundraiser and contribute the proceeds

The impact of your donations


Funds one scholarship award


Funds one to two scholarship awards


Funds two to five scholarship awards


Funds four to ten+ scholarship awards

Thank You

Every donation has the power to transform futures.

The Blanchard Institute stands as a beacon of hope and change, and it is the heartfelt contributions from supporters like you that ensure our mission moves forward. Each contribution, no matter its size, reverberates with impact.

From those who amplify our voice, to our tireless ambassadors advocating for our cause, to the generous donors who invest in our vision—each one plays a pivotal role.

Your support not only uplifts the individuals we serve but also strengthens the very foundation of our community.

Together, we’re forging a brighter, more promising tomorrow for countless lives.

Ready to support our intiatives?