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Student Self Leadership—

Our Vision in Action

We’ve taken what we know has worked best in the corporate world of Blanchard for more than 40 years and adapted the content for young people. Student Self Leadership teaches the same mindset and skillset taught in Blanchard’s corporate Self Leadership program—but contextualized for teenagers.

Our programs provide students and champions with a framework that prepares them to take responsibility, communicate better, maximize their strengths, set clear and compelling goals, manage up when they need support, and challenge the things that could hold them back in life.

Choose the​​ ​Student Self Leadership program​ that fits your needs​​

Student Self Leadership 

For Teenagers
Currently for students ages 14 to 18 only. We offer this collaborative online course three times a year. Students should plan to spend about 90 minutes a week in self-study (six hours total) and one hour for each of the four virtual sessions. Attending the weekly sessions is required to complete the course, but we always provide recordings of the sessions for participants who are unable to attend live.  

Student Self Leadership for Champions 

For Adults

For parents, guardians, teachers, coaches, or any adult guiding youth, our collaborative online course runs three times a year in conjunction with the student course. Expect to spend one to two hours per week (four to eight hours total) in self-study and participate in weekly 90-minute live sessions. The course teaches strategies to coach and support teenagers using the Self Leadership model. Adults do not need to have a student registered in the program.

Student Self Leadership DIY    

For Classes and Groups
In 2024, we will offer a do-it-yourself option that teachers, youth leaders, coaches, mentors, counselors, and facilitators can use with students. It offers ​six​​​ hours of learning content that’s divided over ​ten​​​ short sessions (expandable to 12+ hours) with no facilitator training needed. We will provide a robust student tool kit and access to teaching materials for one year, which can be renewed annually.

Helping people become empowered self leaders

All three Student Self Leadership programs are centered around the Self Leadership model, which teaches individuals the mindset and skillset to achieve their dreams. Participants learn how to challenge assumed constraints, activate their points of power, be proactive, set clear and compelling goals, diagnose their progress along the way, and find matching support.

When people learn the language to ask for what they need, they can reframe their current situations and realize that they’re in control of their own lives and decisions. 

Our Student Self Leadership program has proven that it increases a student’s sense of personal responsibility, which correlates to a higher likelihood of success in everything they do, including school, athletics, college, jobs, life—everything. Research demonstrates that people who assume personal responsibility have a significantly greater chance of excelling at all levels.

Do you have any questions or concerns? We’re here to help! Check out the FAQs on each of the course pages​,​ or send us your comments.