Student Self Leadership for Champions

What Is a Champion?

A Student Self Leadership champion is a parent, teacher, coach, school administrator, community leader, or anyone who wants to be a positive influence on teenagers.

We recognize that the next generation thrives when they have strong adults supporting them. That’s why we created a course just for you.

We call it the Champion program because adults are ​students’​​ ​protectors, fighters, and supporters. We want to equip you with skills and knowledge to make you an effective champion.

“It takes a village to raise a child,” but who’s raising the village?

We understand how challenging it is to be responsible for the future of a student. Champions like you deserve an opportunity to support their students with tools that are straightforward, reliable, and easy to apply.

This course teaches the same Self Leadership model as the student course, but through a coaching lens. We provide the expertise to develop student leaders. 

We offer all ​program registration​​​ at no cost through Blanchard Institute and Intrepid® by VitalSource. Enroll for free today!

Student Self Leadership for Champions teaches you how to:

Build Self-Reliant Students

Help students take responsibility for their own growth

Find the Right Balance

Be clear about your expectations while allowing students room to figure out their own aspirations 

Improve Conversations

Have better conversations more often with the students in your life 

Support Students’ Goals

Know when and how to provide your students with direction or support and when to step back 

How do you know you need support as a Champion?

Maybe you want to assist students but don’t know how to provide the best kind of help

Maybe you have trouble communicating with teenagers

Maybe you want to develop your own inner leader

Maybe you want to help your superstar students excel in all aspects of their life

Maybe you feel friction with students about their goals and progress

Tools to support every student’s learning journey​

Student Self Leadership for Champions will help you:​

    • Learn a common language to use with students to help them make progress faster
    • Find out how to open​ up​ dialogue instead of shutting it down
    • Identify the relationship between your identity and your ​students​​’​ choices
    • Avoid over- or under-supervising and over- or under-parenting
    • Discover how to respond when a student says they want to quit
    • Help your students apply the Self Leadership mindset and skillset

What to expect in the Champion program 

Student Self Leadership for Champions is a four-week collaborative online course hosted on the Intrepid® platform. All participants should plan for one hour of weekly self-study, in addition to attending 90-minute live sessions facilitated by Blanchard’s Student Self Leadership experts. These sessions include engaging discussions and small-group conversations, and we provide recordings for those who are unable to attend at the scheduled time. Everyone who complete this work earns a digital completion badge at the end of the course.

For anyone who wants to go deeper—like for those whose career involves influencing young people—we offer an additional hour of weekly self-study content. Participants who complete the additional work earn a PRO completion badge at the end of the course. 

Here’s the journey adults will take to develop student leaders:

  • Week 1: Encourage Introspection—How can adults help students overcome limiting beliefs? 
  • Week 2: Promote Self-Empowerment—How can adults help students take responsibility?
  • Week 3: Guide Goal Setting and Progression—How can adults help students identify goals and assess growth? 
  • Week 4: Cultivate Leadership—How can adults help students advocate for support? 

    What you will take away

    By completing our course, you’ll walk away with:

      • Life-changing knowledge of Self Leadership concepts ​tailored​​​ to your role as a champion
      • A digital credential—perfect for adding to social media, resumes, or online portfolios
      • Interactive tools to help you plan how you’ll support students
      • Coaching and leadership training from world-class learning and development experts
      • Connections with other champions from around the globe
      • The mindset and skillset to achieve success in your own life

    Upcoming Sessions

    Champion FAQs

    What’s the cost?

    We provide our Student Self Leadership programs to all participants at no cost.

    What is a collaborative online?
    This collaborative, moderated course uses the intuitive Intrepid® platform, where we provide short, self-paced activities—like watching a video, reading an article, or participating in a discussion or interaction. Once a week, participants attend a virtual session to bring everyone together, answer questions, help them apply what they are learning, and participate in small-group activities.
    What do you need?

    You will need a computer, tablet, or a phone with access to the internet.

    What is the time commitment?

    The course lasts ​four​​​ weeks. Each week you should set aside about ​one ​​​to ​two​​​ hours for self-study time and 90 minutes to attend the virtual sessions. It’s about 10 to 14 hours total. Plus, there’s an optional 90-minute virtual session just for parents.

    When are the virtual sessions?

    Our weekly live CHAMPION sessions for adults are always on Thursdays. See the registration page for exact times.

    Is attending the virtual sessions mandatory?

    Either attending​ the live session​s or watching the session recordings is required to successfully complete the class.

    How can you be successful in the course?

    We recommend taking advantage of the bite-sized learning that’s easy to get through 5–10 minutes at a time. Fit it into your schedule.

    Send us a direct message or reach out via email or phone, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Sign up for our upcoming programs today. Or share this opportunity with the students in your life!