Because sometimes it’s more fun to do it yourself

Do you wish you could personally facilitate emPOWERme for Students for the young adults in your life? We’re here to support you with the Do-It-Yourself Kit, a collection of facilitation materials for a 6-Hour in-person course for students ages 14 to 18!

The emPOWERme DIY Kit allows you to take our content and deliver it to students in-person at your own facility. This content has been used by teachers in schools, churches, non-profits, and for children of Blanchard employees for 20+ years—and there is no training required to be a facilitator, though we are happy to provide a one-hour overview with any facilitator at no cost.
We offer all materials FREE of charge through Blanchard Institute. Preorder your DIY Kit today at no cost!

What We Will Provide


We will provide 6-hours of learning content divided over 10 short sessions.

Blanchard will equip you with the training design and all PowerPoint slide decks with facilitation notes on each slide, delivery instructions, and a robust student toolkit.
The Kit will have options for students to complete a group project or an individual project.

As a bonus, organizations who sign up for this option will have access to all materials for one year. In return, we only ask for:
Student participation numbers to track completions
Students’ names and email addresses to award them the Credly digital credential

emPOWERme DIY will teach your students how to: 

Take Responsibility

Take initiative for your own growth and development instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Communicate Better

Learn how to ask for the direction and support you need to be successful.

Gain Confidence

Change your “I can’t” thinking into “I can’t…yet.”

Set Clear Goals

Strive for accomplishments you want to achieve and measure progress along the way.

How do you know you need support as a self leader?

Educators, facilitators, coaches, teachers, counselors, school administrators, school district staff, youth leaders, and community leaders 

Maybe you retreat from sharing ideas or speaking up

Maybe you want to take action on something but don’t have the tools or power to get started

or power to get started Or maybe self-doubt stops you from making your next move

    • Develop your inner leader
    • Understand what could be holding you back
    • Identify powers you didn’t even know you had
    • Be more proactive and responsible
    • Make more progress with less frustration
    • Gain the right skills to achieve your unique goals
    • Advocate for yourself when you need support
    • And more!

Additional Info

Whether collaborative online or in-person, the impact of emPOWERme is incredible! By facilitating emPOWERme DIY, you’ll provide your students with: 

The benefits of emPOWERme for Students are endless! By completing our course, you’ll walk away with:

    • A digital credential—perfect for adding to resumes or online portfolios when applying for colleges, grants and scholarships, jobs, and leadership positions
    • Leadership training before entering the workforce from world-class learning and development experts
    • The mindset and skillset to achieve success in life
    • An opportunity to apply for a scholarship funded by Blanchard Institute’s generous donors
    • Connections with other young leaders around the globe
    • And more!

Additional Info


What is a Collaborative Online?

Both the Student and Champion programs happen in a collaborative, moderated class over six weeks using the intuitive Intrepid® platform. A collaborative online allows for bite-sized, self-paced activities—like watching a video, reading an article, or participating in a discussion or interaction. Once a week, participants attend a virtual session to bring everyone together, answer questions, help them apply what they are learning, and participate in small-group activities.

What’s the cost?

Our emPOWERme programs are FREE for all participants, including Students, Champions, and DIY Facilitators. 

What do you need?

You will need a computer, tablet, or a phone with access to the Internet. 

What is the time commitment?

Students should set aside about one hour per week for self-study time, and one hour a week to attend the live virtual session. Adults should set aside about 30 to 90 minutes per week for self-study time, and 90 minutes a week to attend the live virtual session. 

When are the virtual sessions?

Our weekly live INSPIRE sessions for students are always held on Tuesdays. Our weekly live CHAMPION sessions for adults are always help on Thursdays. See the registration page for exact times. You have the freedom to attend the weekly session that works best for your schedule! 

Is attending the virtual sessions mandatory?

Either attending or watching the session recordings is required to successfully complete the class.  

Other questions or concerns? We’re here to help! Send your comments our way, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Preorder your emPOWERme DIY Kit today! Or share this opportunity with the champions in your life!